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Orthopedic Specialties of New Jersey has been providing professional, quality orthotic services in New Jersey since 1988.  Robert Brintz, Licensed Certified Orthotist, is designated as the ABC Certified and New Jersey Licensed individual to perform leadership duties and is responsible and accountable to oversee the activities and operations of Orthopedic Specialties.

Orthopedic Specialties goals and objectives are to provide the best patient care possible for orthopedic appliances and orthoses to the general public in a timely, cost effective manner. The patient will be seen without delay and informed of the time frame for the delivery of their orthosis, if it cannot be provided at the initial appointment, keeping the convenience of the patient of paramount consideration.  All visits are within a safe, comfortable, accessible, caring, and confidential atmosphere.  A complimentaryat-home service is provided for patients physically unable to come to the office.

Every patient that is provided with an orthosis is shown a sample or picture of the item prior to their fitting.  Written and oral instructions are given on how to wear and care for their brace along with a break-in schedule if deemed necessary.  Patient’s are instructed on how to don and doff their orthosis.

Orthopedic Specialties maintains contracts with most major managed care organizations in our area and we are Medicare certified.  We service a wide variety of commercial insurances.  Prior to their office visit the patient’s insurance company is contacted and the patient is informed if they have any financial responsibility.  We bill all insurance companies on behalf of the patient.